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World of Charts

World of Charts is a unique monthly investment letter. Its editor, David Kerly, has over 35 years’ experience in global financial markets.

Within issues it focuses on global and local economic factors that affect the outlook for stock markets, bond markets and safe haven investments such as gold and silver. It also takes into account and exploits the fact that markets move in cycles and uses a number of technical analysis techniques to identify those markets, including individual company shares and mining shares, which offer above average potential for capital growth. The editor is predominantly a technical analyst or chartist, but is well aware that fundamentals underpin the medium to longer term trends that develop in financial markets.

Shorter term price movements tend to reflect the ebb and flow of emotions and the use of charts and their analysis is particularly well suited to exploiting the opportunities that always develop from this. Also, key turning points and major trend changes are best spotted with charts and usually well before the underlying fundamentals have started to turn. A subscription to our monthly investment letter- World of Charts - which also includes chart alerts in between issues will keep you informed of all these key developments and opportunities as they occur.

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Sample Newsletters and Chart Alert

March Issue

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April Issue

World of charts April IssueOpen PDF

15th March

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